ComYoot allows you to seamlessly share services, skills, and jobs with others in your community.

With ComYoot, you can access your entire community and reduce the time it takes to connect with others.

We provide these benefits by implementing the following advanced technologies.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) learns from your actions and provides smarter suggestions and results

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Text and data analytics ensure that relevant insights are analyzed so that you can accomplish your networking goals at a faster rate

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Matching Algorithm

You are matched with information, people, and opportunities that are requested or needed to advance professionally

Why ComYoot

Acquire New Knowledge Icon
Acquire New Knowledge

Connect and meet inspiring people who can share knowledge and industry best practices.

Develop or Grow Business Icon
Develop or Grow Your Business

Build startup ideas or grow your team with people possessing complementary skills from your community.

Reduce Project Costs Icon
Reduce Project Costs

Reduce or eliminate paying for services by leveraging others in your community.

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2 Iphones showing ComYoot app
Advance Your Career Icon
Advance Your Career

Find internships, part-time, or full-time jobs through “word-of-mouth.”

Foster Collaboration Icon
Foster Collaboration

Increase connections across areas of specialization, stimulating information sharing and removing silos.

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Reduce Networking Time

Discover the skills and professional experiences of community members automatically.

How It Works

As Easy as 1-2-3

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Download App & Sign Up

Download the app from our website or find us on the iOS or Android App Stores and sign up.

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Complete Profile

Complete your profile in less than 2 minutes.

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Discover People & Opportunities

No need to search for anything. Let our matching algorithm and analytics present you with people and opportunities based on your needs.

What's A Community?

Our definition of community is large group of people who have an inherent desire to connect. Your community could be your university, your company or any other groups you are a part of. You decide your community on the ComYoot app.


See for yourself how ComYoot can help you better leverage your community

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