Frequently Asked Questions


What is ComYoot?

ComYoot is a mobile app that allows people to easily offer and receive help from their connections / community. Using ComYoot, people are able to access their entire community, and reduce the time it takes to connect and collaborate within a close and secure organization. We use AI and analytics to empower people to leverage their network for anything, at anytime, and anywhere.

Who Should Use ComYoot?

Everyone! People use the ComYoot mobile app to connect with current or previous university peers to help each other advance professionally and personally. The app is also used by professionals to connect with co-workers to seamlessly share knowledge, learn about other projects, and increase lateral mobility in their company.

What is a Community?

We believe a community is a group of people joined by commonalities, and an inherent desire to help each other. Whether you are apart of a university, work, or a “place of worship” community, use ComYoot to leverage those around to help each other advance professionally and personally.

How can ComYoot help me on a day to day basis (ie. what are the benefits)?

ComYoot can help university students connect with others who can help with making introductions for internships or full time jobs. In addition, people can use the app to find others on campus who can help them to understand a certain subject/concept. For professionals, the app can help to get introductions to project managers who can assist with lateral mobility at their companies.

Is there a cost for using the ComYoot mobile app?

The app is FREE for all users.

How is ComYoot different from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is great for connecting with people you meet and may want to keep in touch with later. However, in terms of knowing what people's "real" skills and expertise are, LinkedIn does not provide an adequate way of doing this. Additionally, LinkedIn does not provide a seamless way to learn how and when you can assist those in your circle/community in areas where you shine!

How is ComYoot different from Facebook?

With Facebook, users send mass blind requests to their limited and immediate friends lists or social groups (that they belong to) and hope to get a response, not really knowing the peers’ expertise or knowledge areas.
ComYoot, cuts that time of finding the right people (based on specific skills) and enables you, the app user, to exchange skills, collaborate and network more efficiently with people outside of your immediate social group. Breaking down information silos is what we do!

How is ComYoot different from Slack?

With Slack, inherently you have to know the person(s) you want to connect with. And let’s face it, all of our close contacts don’t always have want we need. That’s why we oftentimes have to ask friends for referrals. Think of ComYoot as taking referrals into your hands, and quickly being able to leverage the large group you are not connected to, but apart of the same organization.

Logging In & Password

Do I have to use my social media login to create a ComYoot profile?

Social media expedites the login process; however, this is not required to login to the ComYoot app. You can choose the manual option.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can easily reset your password by clicking on the “reset password” link on the login screen.


Is my personal information safe on the ComYoot app?

Most certainly. We use AES 256 encryption for our API calls to the backend. In addition, HTTPS is used to access our backend data.

Using the App

When listing my interests, should these be professional or extracurricular interests?

Your interests can be both professional or personal. However, it has to be tasteful that is fitting for a professional setting.

Can I be a part of multiple communities at once?

Currently we do not have this functionality. However, we will incorporate multiple communities in early 2018.

I accidently passed on someone I want to connect with? Is there a way I can go back and see his/her profile again?

The person you passed up on would be shown to you at a later time after the other suggestions are shown first. Currently, there is no way of going back to someone you pass up on immediately.

How do I refresh and see new users in my community?

Simply click the “Tap to Refresh” button on the connect screen.

How can I provide feedback on the ComYoot mobile app?

While in the app, go to More > Settings > Feedback

Other Questions

How does AI reduce the time it takes to connect with classmates?

Within Artificial Intelligence (AI), we leverage machine learning (ML) to make inferences, and learn from users action. Overtime, the software becomes smarter and makes more accurate prediction which helps users to reduce the time it takes to get to the exact person they need to connect with.

How did the name ComYoot come about?

The name ComYoot is a play on the words community and commuting, reflecting the company's goal to connect people in the same community from wherever they are.